A Message from the Chief

John Bohinc  

I would like welcome you to the White Valley Volunteer Fire Department’s Web Page. I'm excited to share with you some information about Your Volunteer Fire Department and Your Volunteers. Your Volunteers are committed to those of you that live and work in our response area. Your Department has just finished its 60th year of existence. I could not be prouder to be Chief of this organization and carry on the tradition and mission that the Chiefs prior to me have established.

We provide first response to emergencies that provides for mitigation of fires, vehicle accidents, hazardous materials, rescue incidents, and a host of public service incidents. Our primary service area is the eastern 1/3 of the Municipality of Murrysville, while also providing backup to the two other Municipal Departments and other surrounding fire departments. Our call volume the past few years has averaged just fewer than 500 alarms per year. This year we are on pace to reach the 600 alarm level, or roughly two calls per day.

One of programs that I am most proud of is the dedication of our membership. We are currently averaging 12 members per alarm, which is outstanding for a volunteer fire department, and is typically not even achieved in a fully paid department. I am also very proud of our Junior Firefighters and the program and the standards that they have achieved. We currently have twelve junior fireman and they all have just completed 96 hours of a state certified training course in the fundamentals of firefighting. They also have conducted their own fund raising campaigns from which they have been able to purchase some equipment for their selves and the department which includes an oxygen mask for pets.

One of the biggest challenges we face as a Department is the balance of time. We have to continue to put many hours towards training, while still responding to two alarms per day. We still have to find time for fundraising, community events, maintenance of the trucks, buildings and grounds, and all of our member’s jobs and families. Believe me; this is more challenging than going into a burning house.

Please take the time to view our web page and get to know us. We are always looking for dedicated people to help out and become part of Your Department. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Chief John Bohinc

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